One Person Can Make All The Difference

One person can make all the difference.

That’s according to the author Ben Weininger who wrote a book “Aging Is A Lifelong Affair.”

He writes,

“You need an experience with at least one person who cares about you. It doesn’t matter at what age this person appears. If you didn’t have a close relationship when younger, and you now have one close person in your life, that makes up for the early deficiency. That person can appear at any time in the life cycle, even on the day of death. One does not need to make up for lost time.”

In my practice, I’ve witnessed irrational, lonely people become changed. One factor is because of at least one person taking an interest in them. 

This one person gave these wounded individuals an “impetus” to make a better life for themselves.

“My life changed doc when I met Riza in the rehab. After that, my addiction and rage had disappeared. She’s my life saver,” recalls Yuri during a media interview.

Yuri found one person who cared. And it made all the difference.

Photo: Bruce Willis, 66 and wife Emma, 43 with their kids in their life at home.