You And True Happiness

Are you truly happy in your life?

“I’ve everything in my life doc that I want now. Family, with my loving wife and kids. CEO of my own company. Wealth and possessions. Public fame and respect. Yet I still feel empty. I can’t explain why,” said Tony, a long time patient, over Zoom.

His greatest earthly joys with all his accomplishments or “toys” possess only a fleeting temporality.

Tony tried to be happy and full on his own without God. He doesn’t know Him. He doesn’t live for Him.

Dr. Eric L. Johnson, a psychotherapist and counselor, writes in his book “God and Soul Care,” explains:

“It is true that many people seem reasonably happy without God. Perhaps they are. But an Augustinian interpretation might suppose that maintaining that state requires the repression of a subtle, chronic sense of incompleteness or meaninglessness that others, for various reasons, cannot ignore. Many others are aware of great stress and frustration in their attempts to find satisfaction in this world that keep it out of reach. Perhaps this is because these unfulfilled longings are actually longings for an infinite Being and are impossible to fulfill in lesser things that last only for a time and leave one always wanting more.”

The centrality of God in our lives can bring lasting happiness to our soul.

As St. Augustine says, “You have made us for Your self, and our heart is restless until it rests in You.”