A Father’s Self Talk Scripts

A father has unremorseful adult children who betrayed and deceived him for money and sided with the adultery partner of their deceased mother.

Dealing with unremorseful adult children who have betrayed and deceived you can be incredibly difficult and painful for any father. 

Here are some self-talk scripts that can help and offer therapeutic healing and perspective:

1. "I am not responsible for the choices my adult children have made. I can only control my own actions and reactions."

2. "I am allowed to feel angry, hurt, and betrayed by my children's actions, but I do not need to let those feelings consume me."

3. "I deserve to be treated with respect and honesty, and if my children cannot provide that, it is their loss."

4. "I am allowed to set boundaries with my children in order to protect myself from further harm."

5. "My children's actions do not define me as a person or a father. I am still worthy of love and respect."

6. "I will not blame myself for my children's choices. They are responsible for their own behavior."

7. "I am allowed to grieve the loss of the relationship I thought I had with my children, but I will not let that grief control me."

8. "I will not let my children's betrayal and deception rob me of my happiness and peace of mind."

9. "I am capable of forgiveness, but that does not mean I need to reconcile with my children if they are not willing to change their behavior."

10. "I will focus on rebuilding my life and finding joy in other relationships and activities, even if my relationship with my children cannot be repaired."