Chess and Mental Health

CHESS was my life.
     When I was a teenager. 
     Won some local tournaments.
     Was team captain and board 1 representing my school in the UAAP and NCAA.
     Was varsity tuition-free chess scholar in all my years in high school and university/college.
     Headed my university’s chess club.
     Wrote about chess in media.
     And, beat some masters, like P.Roca, C.Cain, and A.Yap.

Decades later, I’m now again entering the chess world.
This time, at CCF, with international master Ricky de Guzman, carrying the Great Commission.
The chess world is a huge international mission field for mental health and spiritual healings.
Chessmaster Ricky and myself as well as the others in our group met.
I pray and go to reach chessmasters and chessplayers for Christ and total mental health as a chess psychotherapist.
Photo: Me and International Master Bro Ricky de Guzman who was World Olympiad veteran with GM Eugene Torre, Asian Junior champion, and chess champion in some states in the U.S. at the CCF Center.