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Everyone needs recovery. Life recovery and healing takes place in community, not in isolation. When one isolates or disconnects, he/she becomes his/her own therapist, and that usually dooms him/her to faulty counsel and deeper wounding. The act of sharing your journey with others takes the punch out of it. Choose to connect to help you heal faster and better.

Here's the good news!

Dr. Angelo Subida conducts and facilitates specialized, unique "healing life" GROUP THERAPY sessions and workshops in various locations for everybody -- whole families, youth, young adults, married, single, separated, divorced/annuled, trauma victims, middle aged, senior citizens, addicts etc. Dr. Subida's "healing life" GROUP THERAPY integrates psychotherapy, spirituality, and natural medicine for the healing of the "total person."

For further information and inquiries about Dr. Subida's GROUP THERAPY sessions, on-site or on-line, simply send an email to: psychotherapy@drsubida.com or drop a note at +63 9097770433 or +63 9055206951.

We'll be happy to see you soon in Dr. Subida's Healing Life Group Therapy sessions !

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