Article, "Little Feet"

My little 3-year-old baby Angel has little feet. Anyone who watches little children is aware of this fact. With babies' little feet come their trust, love, and courage. Babies don’t have any hang-ups. They are not plagued by a lack of confidence, burdened with anxiety, or poisoned with hatred. Their little feet somehow symbolize for me our great, natural state -- happiness.

Yet, when our feet became bigger, we started to become unhappy and troubled by all manner of problems. So, what went wrong? How did we lose our natural state of happiness? Where did all the negativity come from? What happened to us?

Although not true for everyone, many of us had a less than perfect childhood. Our caregivers, such as parents, foisted their opinions on us. Opinions like, "You’re a stupid child. You’re clumsy. You can’t do anything right. You’re no good." Indeed, the little feet may do get immersed in a sea of negativity daily.

To a child like my 3-year-old baby Angel, Daddy and Mommy are like gods. How can she doubt the words she hears from me or Mommy? At such an early age, Angel lacks critical thinking skills. So, if mommy or daddy tells her she is bright or stupid, it must be true. So, not knowing any better, young children can easily come to accept the negative opinions of their caregivers. The opinions of their parents become their own opinions.

In fact, the opinions crystallize into self beliefs. They become accepted as facts. A child may now believe, "I am stupid. I’m worthless." He or she now identifies with a FALSE SELF. The false self is also called the wounded self, inner child, or conditioned self. It is based on lies. Weighed down by so much baggage, is it any wonder children give up learning how to walk with their little feet towards their growth and dreams?

Although once free, the little feet now live in a world of limitations. Filled with self-doubt, they can go only so far. It is as if there were a chain preventing them from reaching their potential.
Now that the children believe they are worthless, what are they to do? You don’t expect them to rejoice and tell everyone, do you?

But let me tell you these: When you had little feet, you simply accepted the opinions of others. But now you are an adult with big feet! You can question the negative opinions and prove them to be wrong. Take small steps, one at a time. Do what you want to do, but were afraid of trying. Watch your confidence grow. Watch your happiness increase. Start shedding weight.

Rediscover your true self. You do so not by trying to grasp it, but by letting go of your false beliefs. It is never too late to start blooming into your full potential. As you start reclaiming your true self, you'll be able to remove the mask. You'll discover the freedom to be who you are and the joy of accomplishing whatever you wish.

Let's hear a little conversation here before I end:

A disciple asked his spiritual teacher, "What prevents me from being happy?"
"Fear," came the reply."
What is the cause of my fear?"
"False beliefs," came the answer.
"What kind of false belief?"
"The belief that the sweet-smelling flowers surrounding you are poisonous snakes."
"How can I cast aside my false beliefs?"
"By opening your eyes and seeing."
"Seeing what?"
"That there isn’t a single snake around."

Move on, little feet, and be happy!


Thanks Camille for yor commnt.