... the high confidentiality of psychotherapy does not permit revelation of actual names and identities, but the following below are some real-life client testimonials of Dr. Subida's past or ongoing patients/counselees

"Yes, I think things are going much better now.  Certainly I have quite a bit more self awareness about how my relationships developed, and why!  My sessions with you were extremely helpful and useful, and revealed to me a part of myself that I never knew existed before.  I owe you a great debt of gratitude!"
-- Bobby, American foreign diplomat 

"Doc, I never knew I have sex addiction. Thanks for enlightening me. Now I wonder how I can heal! Help me." 
-- Ravi from India, accompanied by wife Liz

"The sessions helped me a lot. I wonder how I could have survived from my husband's affair."
-- Lita, business owner

"Thanks, wish you the best doc. I want you to know that I still read your blog for guidance." 
-- Rose, TV writer/broadcaster

"My son likes you. It helped in his healing."
-- Ms Chi, mother

" ... thank Doctor, we are so thankful and blessed that you're taking care of us."
-- Rick, CEO/company prcsident

"I've been to 5 doctors and they could not figure out what's the problem with me. This is what I need, Dr. Subida, what I found in our sessions!"

-- Warren, entrepreneur/surgery survivor

"Thanks Doc ... you have been so much to him...to us. I pray for your continued success in all that you do to help others."
-- Inah, wife with CEO husband

 "I found ME in the sessions! I didn't know that I have unresolved pain till I chose to process it."
-- Atty. John, lawyer 

"You explain better than the best psychiatrist in our land!"

-- Captain Freddie, Businessman/former Captain/seaman

"Doc, I've come across your blogs and as always I feel good after reading them."

-- Myrna, businesswoman

“Doc, thank you ... My daughter finds the session enriching and inevitably, comparing it to her former psychiatrists' visits, is a lot better."
-- Mrs. Dizon, university staff

"Thank you Doctor for your thoughtful and encouraging response.  It really is helpful to be exposed to such positive and constructive comments.  Gives me confidence that this pain can be overcome eventually, reconciliation truly possible and a more solid and better maintained relationship built that is capable of withstanding future buffeting ... I thank you again for your constructive influence and look forward to re-engaging with you.
-- James (British) with Filipina wife Lisa

"Thank you for becoming a light in my dark tunnel. You have helped me in this journey and I hope to find the end of it soon.”
— Cecile, OFW wife

“Dr. Subida, You are the model psychologist that all others need to pattern their life after; I am spiritually renewed to have found you, after needing but not knowing of you since my first visit to the Philippines, in 2006.”
-- Omar, foreigner married to Filipino 

"Thanks, Dr. Subida.  As for me, I'm trying to cope with the issues. You are such a good counselor that's why I'm more confident with my situations."
-- Monette, Entrepreneur 

"You're still the most humble celebrity doctor I've known!"
-- Cynthia, Educator/School President

"Thanks to you! My friend is going through the same plight and wants to know how I overcome it so I referred you."
-- Dinah, computer manager/specialist 

"Thank you so much, Dr. Subida! You are God sent. All the best. Hope to return the favor to you one of these days."
-- Atty. Gina

"Hi doc, thank you. I'm certainly more hopeful after our sessions."

-- Gabrielle, graduate psych student

“Thanks doc. We appreciate your support. Your writings are always inspirational.”
— Tito, computer programmer

"We are so blessed to have you as our guest speaker. We learned a lot!"
-- Maripaz, university psych student in a Psychotherapy conference

“Thanks for a most fruitful, objective but casual approach in my having to discern that God will give me the wisdom to do what is right… There’s so much truth in what you say … I wish for your continued success in enlightening patients. especially in their vulnerable moments.”
— Aurora, medical doctor

“Doc. you are so effective in anger management! It’s working on me! … As I take a break, I hope you’re still open for me in the future …”
— Richard, company president/businessman 

"I just want to thank you doc in helping us have some breakthrough and mend our relationship."
-- William with wife Tina, IT and pharmacy professionals

"Every written piece of your work is great help on a daily basis in people's lives."
-- Jinelle, college student

"You're one of the best!"
-- Millet, TV/showbiz personality 

"You are a soul surgeon!"
-- Rev. Ong

"Thank you, Dr. Subida, for helping me heal. You are different!"
-- Tito, call center agent 

"I have read a lot of articles in your page, it helped me ... you're God's gift to me."
-- Wilma, TV newscaster/beauty queen 

"You challenged me to see reality, and I am seeing it now."
-- Bel, company owner/foreign entrepreneur 

"I will be leaving Manila, finishing my assignment, and many thanks for your help ... I really have more self-knowledge . we definitely need to stay in touch! ... it has been quite an adventure here, both inward and outward, and I too will always remember our sessions together. All the best!"
-- Donald, international aid worker

"This really struck me ... it's like reading myself. Before the year ends, I'd like to say 'Thank You!' Your writings and counsel never fail to inspire me."
-- Ramona, housewife

"Thank you so much Dr. Subida. I believe counseling would really help for us to keep our marriage."
-- Cita, expatriate wife

"Your help has been very pivotal to my life story. I guess God brought me to you because you would play a major role in my life."
-- Christine, corporate lawyer 

"Hello Dr. Subida, I came across your blog and website and I've enjoyed it.  Are you on twitter?  I am a clinical psychologist here in Michigan.  I am expanding my professional social network with people interested in psychology, mental health, and psychotherapy.  Hope all is well."
-- Steve, American Clinical Psychologist

"Dr. Subida, our sessions are so good and healing for me and my wife. I'd like our sessions to be in our house please!"
-- Revil, from Panama with Filipina wife

"Thank you for the therapy you've given my daughter. It helped her a lot. I thank God for sending you to us. I know through your intervention and by the grace of God, my daughter would soon be healed from her wounds in the past and pains at present. Take care. God bless you and your family."
-- Mrs. Santos, Mom of celebrity and mayor's wife 

"Dr., I rejoice and celebrate with you for it is as you just said a privilege because I have come to understand that the value of all we have and what we dream in life ....
 thank you again for your counselings that are very helpful to me and my ministry in counseling people."
-- James Davy Banga, Angola, Africa

"I am the one most grateful doc. Thank you so much and God bless you!"
-- Atty. Gie, corporate lawyer 

"Thank you doc. You have inspired a lot of correspondence and soul-searching ... and my wife is really opening her eyes to what happened and taking a close look (and interest) in some of the issues you raised and the 7 point plan ..."
-- Walden, international banker

"There are some really loved reading your blog. It was very well authored and easy to understand. Unlike additional blogs I have read which are really not good. I also found your posts very interesting. In fact after reading, I had to go show it to my friend and he enjoyed it as well!"
-- Wilson, pharmacy entrepreneur 

"Our session is very helpful to our marital crisis."
-- Wil and Se. Pakistani couple 

"As always I find your wisdom food for the soul! Very good! Thanks!"
-- William, American blogger

"Doc, I'm thankful we found you! My husband respects you a lot and I can quote you and he'd respond favorably. I believe we're on our way to healing. You're God-sent to us."
-- Lisa with husband Dino, Company CEO/owner 

"Doc, I just  wanted to say thank you for our session a while ago. It really helped. We wewre able to talk afterwards and we both feel much better already. It will take time but it will be ok. Thank you so much!"
-- Stephen, Fil-Am computrer engineer

"Yes doc and we are forever grateful to you ... of course there are times I'd like to throw him out of the window haha ... we plan on meeting you again ... you're always in our thoughts."
-- Mrs. Glacierdy with husband, restaurant owners

"Your recent trip to our hometown to help heal our family wounds was too good to be true! My family and I will forever be grateful to you, Dr. Subida!"
-- Cynthia, daughter of a political family/clan

"You are certainly unique and set apart from other psychologists and psychiatrists, Dr. Subida!"
-- Charles, British entrepreneuer

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