Meet Dr. Angelo O. Subida

Dr. Angelo O. Subida is a clinical psychotherapist/psychologist, writer, and speaker.

He is a published book author, international online therapist, TV/Radio consultant, and chess psychologist/champion.

Dr. Subida conducts innovative location-independent, virtual, personalized psychotherapy. His approach to Psychotherapy is unique, unconventional, and outside mainstream. 

Dr. Subida is a special kind of psychotherapist, counselor, and life coach. He specializes in SELF THERAPY to heal individuals, marrieds or couples, and families from a variety of psychological wounds and trauma.

Such include depression, addictions, infidelity, relationship breakdowns, love and sex dysfunctions, separation/divorce, wounded inner child, parenting and family brokenness, health and aging and death anxiety, among others.

His self-therapy specialty work with individuals, couples, youth, and families runs through his revolutionary whole-person, drug-free, hybrid clinical integration of psychology, spirituality, and natural medicine in mental health treatment. 

Dr. Subida is author of books, including Secrets of Your Self," "Overcoming Trauma," "Emotional First Aid," "Life's #1 Question," "Chess and Life," and "God's Inner Healing," as well as web blogs, articles, and other resources. 

He has published his books/works in varied prestigious publishing platforms, such as KOBO BOOKS, AppleBooks, Google Books, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, among others. 


He is author of innovative mental health websites and

He has written articles or done consulting interviews for national print/online magazines such as Smart Parenting, Men's FHM, Kate, Business Mirror etc. 

Dr. Subida has appeared numerous times as an expert in psychotherapy, counseling, and mental health on national television, radio broadcasts, print media, and live webcasts. 

This includes CNN Phils, ABS CBN 2, GMA 7, TV 5, UNTV, Channel 11, Inquirer Radio of Phil Daily Inquirer, Catholic Radyo Veritas, Smart Parenting Magazine, Kate Magazine, BusinessMirror, FHM magazine, among others (Dr. Subida's TV/radio/print/multi-media appearances). 

He has served as mental health TV consultant for GMK Ikonsulta Mo over at UNTV, and has also served as in-house therapist/counselor of kid-artists, parents, and staff of the Voice Kids, an ABS CBN 2 popular singing reality show.

With ABS CBN's long-running social arm, Bantay Bata, Dr. Subida has been trainer/lecturer for its counselors/social workers training program.

Dr. Subida is a Life Member of the Philippine Mental Health Association (PMHA) (United Nations-initiated official country affiliate member of the World Federation for Mental Health), one of the mental health service provider/consultant members of the University of the Philippines’ PsychServ service based in Diliman, Q.C., and a mental health advocate/participant of the Philippine arm of the World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation founded in 1986 in France.

He is also an international member of Mental Health Grace Alliance USA and an Asian advocate/member of the global vision of the International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry (ISEPP) and the International Association of Trauma Professionals.

He joins the worldwide movement and crusade for doing holistic non-drug psychotherapy and educating the public about the dangers of “take-a-drug mentality” in mental health.

Dr Subida advocates for the mission of the Society for Christian Psychology, the International Therapist Leadership Institute (ITLI), the International Association of Professional Life Coaches, and the European Movement for Christian Anthropology, Psychology, and Psychotherapy.

Dr. Subida was part of an international faculty of the Center for Advanced Studies in Mental Health (ASMH), and the Therapion Consulting USA which conducted group counseling live webcasts.

Dr. Subida was dean and professor of psychology and spirituality for over 10 years in an international school (ASCM-college and graduate levels) based in Makati City. A U.S.-certified, licensed Ordained Minister/Clergy, he also served as former Philippines founding national director and member of a worldwide organization (NPWM) based in Korea and USA for many years.

Dr. Subida is academically educated/certified in psychology, clinical counseling, and theology. He received his psychology degrees and training/studies from Ateneo De Manila University and the University of Santo Tomas.

His educational background includes Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Psychology, postgraduate work in Master of Arts (M.A.) Counseling Psychology, a Master's Degree in Divinity (M.Div.), and two doctorate degrees - a D.Min. or Doctor of Ministry (majoring in a Mental Health and Counseling area), and a Ph.D or Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Christian Psychotherapy.

Dr. Subida's completed major dissertation/research he wrote for one of his doctorate degrees specializes on psychological stress disorders and mental health of ministers. It was supervised, examined, and approved by Dr. V. Bautista, professor and chairman of the Clinical Psychology Department of the University of the Philippines (U.P.), and by a panel of international doctors and professors from AGST/ATS.

Dr. Subida's major areas in therapy and counseling include self therapy, depression, parent-child therapy, clinical infidelity treatment/affair recovery, separation/divorce therapy, varied addictions, inner child healing, sex-love-relationship addiction, anger management, family intervention, neuropsychoanalysis, attachment therapy, spiritual healing, and creative chess psychotherapy.

Being conversant with and a trained specialist in two worlds - psychology and theology - Dr. Subida is a "hybrid psychotherapist" integrating these two disciplines ("power sources") to his innovative practice of facilitating healing the wounds of the "whole self."

In his therapy practice, Dr. Subida's approach is innovative, individual, and inspirational -- professionally and personally bringing healing where people's contexts are.

Because of his focus on "whole self" recovery, Dr. Subida frees himself from the purely secular/humanistic/materialistic chain of tradition or convention that only blocks the deepest aspects of a person's inner healing and growth.

As an author, lecturer, and mental health clinician, Dr. Subida's command of psychotherapy, counseling, and life coaching for the "whole self" is second to none.

He integrates in-person (traditional face-to-face) and on-line (non-traditional web-based) interface for individuals, couples, or groups.

Though he holds sessions in the hospital or counseling room, Dr. Subida finds greater effectiveness in ordinary, daily natural environments (free from the "cubicle world") such as coffee shops, fitness clubs and gyms, restaurants, golf courses, beach resorts, or in malls/parks doing walk-and talk therapy.

The world is Dr. Subida's clinic. His practice is not bound by physical location or unnatural traditions.

Individuals, couples, and families from the Philippines as well as various countries, such as the United States, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Spain, Canada, Indonesia, India, China, Denmark, Australia, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Armenia, Egypt, Pakistan, Dubai, among others, have visited and engaged Dr. Subida in the therapy session, onsite and online.

Through his "travel life mission," Dr. Subida has likewise conducted special therapy/counseling sessions and workshops/seminars in foreign countries on special recovery trips.

Dr. Subida has also done individual consulting and/or group workshops and seminars onsite, online, or on-campus for university students from schools.

This includes schools such as University of the Philippines, University of Santo Tomas, Letran College, Rizal Technological University, De La Salle University, St. Benilde, Ateneo de Manila University, University of the Philippines, National University, Mapua University, Far Eastern University, Baliuag University, Cavite State U, Fatima State University, among others.

A former university/varsity and city chess champion, chess psychologist, trainer/coach, and master-strength player who'd beaten masters in tournaments, Dr. Subida is author of Chess and Life, his Alternative Chess Therapy, which provides chess psychotherapy/counseling and chess life coaching/consulting.

Dr. Subida is summa cum laude from the University of Real-Life Pain which, although it's not accredited or legal, is the most expensive university in the world. He has had the privilege of experiencing some of life’s deepest wounds.

That gave him a greater capacity to hurt more, to care more, to weep with those who weep -- making him one of the most effective recovery communicators on the planet. A wounded healer is a "whole" healer. That's Dr. Subida.

Dr. Subida consulted and/or trained under the most qualified and respected psychologists and psychiatrists in the country and beyond.

Sadly, in the entire mental health care field, he discovered that millions around the world are victims of widespread professional incompetence, incomplete treatment, and false medication in the healing of their psychological, emotional, and spiritual (even physical too) illnesses.

Here's more that Dr. Subida discovered: psychology, psychiatry, and other social sciences - though useful in a way - remain "incomplete constructs" of human nature, mental health, and wellness.

In response to the widespread epidemic of mental health misdiagnoses, abuses, and needs, Dr. Subida is a man turning "pain into purpose" to help people find true, deep-level, complete healing -- his passionate contribution to the healing of humankind one person at a time!

Possibly because of the artist, writer, and minister in him, Dr. Subida has never been a traditional, secularized, humanistic clinical psychologist.

He emerges as a revolutionist, hybrid, or maverick -- an out-of-the-box "backpack psychotherapist" for the healing of the "whole self."

Dr. Subida offers something extra and transcending than what most secular Ph.Ds and MDs etc. offer today.

His therapy approach isn’t mere textbook theory – it’s real life in the trenches and beyond. He has walked the walk and his healing process comes from his own deepest journeys.

This special uniqueness, background, and sense of mission then makes Dr. Subida much better in the practice of psychotherapy, counseling, and life coaching than …. well, than he thinks he is.

Dr. Angelo Subida, PhD, DMin, MDiv
Clinical Psychotherapist / Psychologist / Counselor
/ Life Coach/ Author / Speaker

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"As a psychotherapist, my passion is to help people heal. My work is not to convert them, but to sit with them, to be a voice of hope, wisdom, grace, and healing."
-- Dr. Angelo Subida (with youngest daughter, Angel)

Dr. Angelo O.Subida
"Psychotherapist Without Borders" ....
bringing healing to the nations where people are!

Innovative. Individual. Inspirational.
Integrative. International.
Dr. Angelo Subida, Clinical Psychotherapist

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"Life is like running a race. 
Live to have a strong finish."
-- Dr. Angelo Subida

(SPANISH MEANING:  ANGELO SUBIDA  =  name Angelo is a Spanish baby name. In Spanish the meaning of the name Angelo is: Messenger. Biblical name for spirit messengers God sends men..... The name  Subida is also a Spanish word which means to ascend upward, advancement, improvement)