Alienated Parents, Alienated Children

Professionally and personally, my heart goes out to parents and children who have become heartbroken and "alienated" in their relationship. I am grateful to families - both parents and children - who have shared with me their painful experiences in our sessions together. They are just too many to count. They have taught me much about the conflicts and distancing between parent and child and about how to protect the children from their parents' battles.

A married mother, who committed adultery and lived in with another man in another country, secretly went home to fetch the kids without the knowledge of the custodial father. She brought the kids away to overindulge them and attend their daughter's college graduation, excluding the father. This is one of the many examples of what psychologists label as "manipulation" in well-documented clinical cases of parental brainwashing and alienation. One noted author/psychotherapist, Dr. Richard Warshak, refers to this type of child abuse as parental kidnapping or "stealing the soul" of the children.

Millions of adults around the world did suffer some degree of estrangement from their father and/or mother when they were children. In most cases, the alienation was produced in the aftermath of their parents' separation or divorce. At such a vulnerable time in their lives, children especially need and deserve as much love as they can get. Blinded by anger, numerous parents "corrupt reality" and undermine their children's affection for the other parent through manipulation, false accusations, and brainwashing. This accounts for much deep "psychological wounding" for both parents and children unless healing steps are taken.

We hear a lot about brainwashing and manipulation of religious cult leaders in the media. Brainwashing, bad-mouthing mothers and/or fathers claim far more victims than these cult leaders, and more are added to the list each day. Yet, up to this day, very little professional attention and competent guidance are available for this type of psychological abuse, which violates children in a most cruel manner. Mental health professionals, lawyers, judges, and others who are involved with families will find it so important to pay special attention to this destructive phenomenon in our society.

I hope to be of help to you heal, if you are either an alienated parent or an alienated child. I know your pain and I do offer significant insights/program I've gained in my psychotherapy work as well as in my own personal journey to help you heal. I wish you a successful journey and recovery.


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