Bible Thoughts, Matthew 27:36: Watching at the Foot of the Cross

"They sat around and watched Him as He hung there."
Matthew 27:36 (Living Bible)

Morning again. Nice, sunny day. Cleaning around. Breakfast with wife and kids.

Holy Friday. Just start remembering Jesus. He was crucified. Hung on the cross.

That infamous day, many were at the foot of or just around the cross. Watching Jesus while He hung there.

I imagine, if I lived then, I'd also be at the foot of the cross. Watching Jesus. Why would He come to that point of crisis?

I can hear the faint rings of His voice penerating my heart. Among them, He is saying "Father forgive them for they know not what they do." Something must be badly flawed inside me for Him to make that prayer.

Count me in with the others at the foot of the cross. I'm one of those that He came for to save.