GMA on prisoners; educational, spiritual reform needed

I know some people who are into prison ministry. They go to jails to share gifts and the Gospel. There's so much need.

God cares for prisoners too. They got lost.

Seeing most prisons in our country, there's really not enough care for prisoners. There's really not enough physical, educational, and spiritual reform given to redeem them.

Yet society expects prisoners to return to them better than angels!

Speaking of prisoners, the papers headlined our president GMA's latest action: Commutation of all death sentences to life terms. As expected, many reacted with negative criticisms and arguments.

So, why would GMA stake her "position" again with this latest action? She's pro-life. It affirms her deeply held personal spiritual values no matter what the cost. It evidences her belief that a human being can still have a chance to be saved when alive.