My Work: A Place of Destiny and Freedom

Allow me to describe my self in one way as a former "executive" once employed full time in the business corporate and church/seminary settings. Now, I've turned my back on all that by becoming a home-based full time entrepreneur/writer/minister, husband, and father of three.

I am a rebel by nature. I don't readily conform to norms or expectations. Though I hated the daily grind, there was still something much I learned in my employment in the corporate and church/seminary worlds. I am thankful for those experiences.

As for going full time with my present multi-track calling as a home-based entrepreneur, writer, and minister, a major factor is that I really prefer to work on my own time. An 8-to-5 employment is quite unmanageable for me. Even a flexible time arrangement (which I had in church and seminary) is still not quite up to my taste.

I get more productive working wherever and whenever I want to go. Owning a business (especially a mobile one like web development or travel) affords me this condition to develop my fullest potential. I also do a lot of writing, which will turn to books or so. I write wherever there is coffee shop, paper and pen, and internet!

My family is another major factor. I wish to do something better to prepare for their future. I only want the best for them. Also, having a toddler and two grade schoolers, I can't have peace of mind being away from them most of the time during day jobs. I'm probably not normal. Or, there were things I missed earlier in my life. So, I longed to be with my wife and children more.

Ah, work doesn't have to be a prison to me anymore! With my present work situation, the possibilities are endless. I can own my own life now. Work has become a place of destiny, freedom, and blessing.


Corey B said…
I hate capitalism and religion, especially when they mix. Therefore, I think I hate you.
Corey B said…
By the way, being a corporate scumbag and Jesus nut in NO WAY makes you a rebel. Please. Get over it. You're quite the money grubbing Christian American stereotype. And no doubt a stolid Republican as well.