Back to Basics

This June, I'm back to basics. I'm finally entering ENLI.

With my earned doctorate, I can expect too much of myself. Progress and discipline were clearly measurable when I was in the seminary for many years. I finished courses, assignments, projects. I was mentored and given academic recognition by professors/graduates from University of the Philippines, Fuller Theological Seminary, University of Southern California, among others.

I could somehow think that my formal academic achievement should follow with spiritual service in the local church. I could get inclined to expect to get more responsibility and recognition and receive greater renumeration. After all, I got "quantified credentials."

I'm glad I'm not making that grave mistake. For in the spiritual life and pastoral ministry, progress sometimes means going back. Maturity involves being "childlike." Growing means humility. I can say that the spiritual life operates on a different wisdom that is not quite the same as that found in formal academic training. The "rules" are simply different.

I'm letting go. I come from what is given in harmony with God's wisdom, not what is expected.


Anonymous said…
Welcome to ENLI pastor!