Change of "Locations," New Blessings

Circumstances in my life this past year or so have been due to divinely-ordained changes of "location" in my vocation, church, and family.

The Lord changes our "location" to a new home church. He led us to much-needed improvements in our family life and business. I was also able to spend more time honing my writing craft, develop creative skills in web design, and learn much about the www. Another interesting change of "location" is my newly emerging RGSMC and URRDC outreach ministry work that get me excited.

In the midst of these changes where previous securities slip away, things that are newer and better begin to emerge. While I may grieve over what was lost or the trials that were involved in the changes, I can rejoice in the new doors being opened and in the new blessings I'm discovering while I await upon the Lord.


Anonymous said…
Good luck to you friend! God does play "close-open" of doors.