It Takes Two to Tango

Everyone knows the cliche: "It takes two to tango." As soon as two agree to do something, a relationship is established, whether for good or for bad. You remove one, there's no dance.

The other night, Imelda and I enjoyed an outdoor birthday party of her cousin beside the swimming pool in posh Emerald Mansions, Ortigas. Times have changed for Imelda and her cousins there, all from the same province. My eyes lighted up for they enjoyed each other a lot.

I did pray silently for all. It was, after all, the best thing I can do that night (besides eating!). But there was one young unmarried couple there who was living in. Their "tango" is surely very obvious to any discerning person. I prayed that God would drop by their room one of these days. I really hoped for their best together.

There's another kind of "tango" we discovered that night. Imelda and I hope it will prosper. It's a business "tango." Not the self destructive type, but wisdom and blessing from God. It's not a harmful "tango", that's the big difference.

How about you? Would you like to dance the "tango?" Just make sure you choose the right one.


Anonymous said…
You're right.
I only need to refuse my part to stop the dance.