Some Tidbits

My wife has a new craze -- blogging! It seems to fit well with her current fascination with photography.... We look forward to traveling north -- going to Ilocos and Naga Bicol next week. We pray for safety as well as spiritual and personal refreshment .... While tutoring one for a school website a few days ago, I noticed a beautiful painting of a rural Filpino family. I was told it costs P30,000 before but may amount to about P80,000 at this time. I think it should cost more! ..... How can I tell which is from God or enemy? Easy. If it's a negative thought, deed, or word, it's from the enemy. If something brings fear, worry, discouragement, doubt, insecurity etc, I can guarantee it's not from God ..... My cousin Susan is upbeat and inspired again nowadays. His darling is home from Libya.