Abundance and Relinquishment

Abundance is good. There is much in our life where we desire abundance. Probably no other generation in human history has been so captive to it. Life for lots of people today is controlled by its relentless power.

Wealth, nice homes and cars, or abundance of any kind may in fact represent gifts of a gracious God. In themselves these things are in no way bad. They are given to us for our enjoyment. If our attitude and stewardship are right, such abundance in this life also get used by God to bless others.

But everything that is abundant is not necessarily good for us. I say this as far as God's will for our lives is concerned. This is not to suggest that God's plan for us may be something that is less than good. It is rather that God calls us not to desire the abundant, but to follow His will.

This could mean relinquishing the abundant for His greater purposes. It means that we do not conduct our lives simply by seeking abundance, but more out of a conviction to please God in everything that we do. Relinquishment is an essential step along the way of true life and abundance (Matthew 10:39).

We all wish that our motives related to abundance would be this pure. But they seldom are. It is not that we do not desire to obey God's will. It is more a matter of mixed intentions influencing our actions. Things such as our personal comfort, security, acceptance, power, fame, among others, play a role. These may not be wrong in themselves, but they often crowd or mix into our motives in seeking abundance for our lives.

The challenge for us is that, even where our own mixed motives and concerns crowd in, that which is God's will would still emerge in our quest for this life's abundance. Such gently prods us to go to God in prayer for Him to lead the way.