Finding Safety in our Father's Love

Morning breakfast with Imelda and the kids. Family devotion and prayers. Saturday mornings appear to be a best time for us. We opened the Scriptures in 1 John, reminding us of the Father's love for us. In the midst of this life, we unavoidably experience pain caused by imperfect circumstances or people. We therefore need to heed the call of God's love, home to our heavenly Father's heart. It is from this center-point that we can truly experience a real home, a sense of belonging, a place to dwell, a shelter where we feel safe and protected. Only then, from the center of being loved by our Father in heaven, can we again enter our world with purposeful engagement and joyful detachment .... My 12-year-old daughter Christine asked, "What's your philosophy of life?" School assignment. She's interviewing me. Surely, I can give her a long dissertation on this! But I gave her a short answer only in the form of 3 questions: "Who am I?" (I'm a child of God), "Why Am I Here?" (I'm here on earth to fulfill God's will in my life), "Where Are You Going?" (I'm going to heaven in my Father's presence). There she had it. And she can get more if her teacher requires! Assignment accomplished.