Memories of Grandmother

Grandmother "Lola Angge," my Dad's mother. I still remember distinctly that big house of Lola Angge in J.P. Rizal Makati. Old-fashioned, Spanish type of house. Antique furniture. It's filled with Catholic statues and images, like that of the Virgin Mary and Sto. Nino. From her house, Lola Angge would walk without fail to the Catholic church nearby where she attended mass each day (morning and afternoon).

My own father, mother, and brother and sisters and I lived just walking distance from Lola Angge's house. That partially explains why I'd often be with her. She's near. I was about 8 years old when I started to use my Lola Angge's house as my "refuge." I thought it better to be with my Lola Angge, especially when I'd be driven away from our own house due to my "unsaintly" behavior.

I particularly remember my Lola Angge walking with me during my grade one commencement. She's the one who pinned my first honor medal on stage. That felt nothing during that time. I didn't appreciate it near as much as I do now. I thought she was also my mother. I remember her feet protruding from her shoes. She had flat but fat feet with calluses.

By then, Lola Angge would gather all of us, her visiting "apo" (grandchildren) present in her house, to say the 6:00 p.m. angelus. She'd lead us to Rosary prayers every day and I can still remember how fervent her face was saying those same prayers over and over again. To be honest, I was number 1 sleeper during those Rosary prayer times! My undeveloped spirit can't grasp it.

Another load of memories during Lola Angge's days point to our family carolings during Christmas time. On Christmas eve, the children and grandchildren would already gather around the large terrace to practice singing. When 12 mn striked, we would all sing Christmas tunes as loud as we can so as to awaken our Lola Angge. For some reason, Lola Angge was always aslept before we sing each Christmas midnight! I wondered why.

The day Lola Angge died, I was still just a little boy. During her funeral, I was playing around with my other cousins. It was as if nothing happened. However, during one time, while going to school and passing by my Lola Angge's old house in J.P. Rizal Makati, I felt a strange tug into my heart. I was moved with much tears as I remembered her.

That route was the one I took many times in a hurried state to be with my Lola Angge. She was such a caring grandmother.


Anonymous said…
I love your lola!
Anonymous said…
This so touching. I remember my Lola too.