Bringing Faith to Work

There is something that I used to believe. I thought that total commitment to faith in Christ means becoming a "full time" pastor or worker in the church. Somehow, I got the idea that work done as a clergyman or inside the local church is "more holy" than that done in business, marketplace, or any profession.

This is Scripturally incorrect. Christ's own life and example is a key. Jesus Himself was a carpenter, not a known clergyman. And He called 12 working men to be His disciples. He could had chosen to be born in a family of priests/pastors and be one Himself, but He was not.

God calls every believer to be a "full time priest" whereever he or she is. This is the biblical concept of the "priesthood of all believers" where the forgiven church is called "a kingdom, priests to his God and Father" (Rev. 1:6; cf. 5:10; 20:6). In the New Testament, the church's priesthood is corporate. No individual leader is called "priest." Every Christian is called to be a priest, active in Christ.

So, whatever your job or work is, it involves the question such as: "Are you a Christian driver? a Christian doctor? a Christian businessman? a Christian office employee? a Christian writer? a Christian laundrywoman? a Christian professor? a Christian webmaster?" And so on and so forth. All of us who are faithful Christians need to recapture the vision that our primary job is to be a witness to the one next to us in our daily work.

There is a worldwide revolution going on. Jesus Christ Himself is our leader. When we serve Him, He wants us to view our jobs with the eyes of faith and not merely a means of earning a livelihood. Our present jobs, businesses, or employments are places where, as Christian revolutionaries, we contribute to achieve Christ's revolution in the hearts and lives of people anywhere.


Anonymous said…
Nice pic, still young! Article is another good one.
Anonymous said…
I like your article "Bringing Faith to Work". I like the pun on Work as well. What you say is so true, we are to be examplars wherever we are and 'preach' the message of Christ wherever we are, not by sermonizing but by the way we live and what we say to others. Thanks for sharing something that many of us give scant importance to.