I am filled with gratitude. I'm a man of the 21st century. One who can scrabble words into the screen of my computer. Practice my art. No time-consuming typewriter work or expensive paper and ink. Life is very short. And very uncertain too. I try to spend it as well as I can. And one way I do it is write in the intensities of daily life. I discover how it blends well with prayer and hearing God's gentle nudges. Leaves a legacy too to my family .... I also have something bigger than myself in my life. God. He answers the deep longings of my heart for significance and purpose for existence ... And also, my wife. I question the idea that I'll survive without her. I need her because I love her (not "love her because I need her" - there's a difference!). Of course, my children. To have them is a kind of life and not to have them is a kind of death. In every real sense, I'm thankful.