Imagine the Apostle Paul Using Email, Chat Room, and Blog!

I wonder about what the Apostle Paul would think about the internet if he had it in his ministry. Instead of handwritten letters to the churches at Corinth, Ephesus, Philippi etc., I imagine him writing different emails. He'd get quick answers from the churches and need not wait for them till his next visits! I also imagine the Apostle Paul using the chat room to confer with Timothy, Barnabas, or other church leaders. Even though he may be so far away from them, he'll still be able to communicate to them instantly. And I also imagine the Apostle Paul constantly writing in his blog every day. He's a passionate, God-called writer and I suspect he'll love the blog very much. His blog will leave a legacy of encouragement and training to the early church's brethren. Imagine, the Apostle Paul, just one click away! Could the first century church had advanced faster then with the internet? Let's ask the Holy Spirit.