Sir Jun's Surprise B-Day and Secret

The other night, I had a wonderful party evening in Mission Hills. The wife, Ma'am Margie, threw a surprise party and presentation on the eve of her husband Sir Jun's birthday. All the family members and employees of the family's group of companies were there.

After my opening the occasion with prayer, I witnessed how really this company is more like a family. Everyone enjoyed each other. Hugging, kissing, joking. Well, there's the karaoke, the favorite party centre point. And, of course, lots of food and drinks to gobble!

A significant part of the party time before the video production show, I sat and chatted with sir Jun. We talked about family life, and exchanged jokes too. It always "clicked:" this Filipino CEO multimillionaire has no airs. He is really, by nature, a quiet, unassuming, humble man.

That night also revealed a secret to me about Sir Jun. In the special video, countless people and families greeted and thanked Sir Jun for helping them. These included the "scholars," young people from poverty-stricken families whom sir Jun sent to school and college. I was also made to know of the people he encourages each day and week through nuggets of wisdom that he sends electronically!

Here's a secret I don't want you to miss about sir Jun: making an impact in people's lives is one best way to let something of lasting value emerge from our little, quickly passing life. How much is that? Priceless. Sir Jun has found a place to serve that he would be remembered by, which is also true of his wife Ma'am Margie.

I'm blessed by God to have known him and his example. May God increase his tribe on earth!