There's a distance between us, my love
And how I wish it is not true.
Each day when I awake,
I yearn to be with you.
And in His presence,
Our love can run deep and true.
Without you, my dreams and memories are lost,
Like leaves blown away by the storm.
Without you, I'd really be heart-broken,
I could not look anymore at each sunset or dawn.
But though it feels we're miles apart,
The Lord promises to keep His lovely spark
in our soul He'll see us through,
As we journey together with Him.
You're always here in my heart, love.
And in the night
Beneath the moon shine and starlight,
I pray for the day we'll never part
For my love for you is forever in my heart.


Anonymous said…
Beautiful. I admire your love for her. It's holy love.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful descriptions of the love and specialness of marriage.