Secure or Insecure?

This morning, Victory missionary pastor John Saison during our breakfast cell meeting at McDonalds, remarked that his wife would not feel "insecure" about him. Insecure in the sense that he would be lured by or give in to lust for women, that he'd be unfaithful to her. Even in thoughts, John's wife is so assured.

What is the secret of this sense of deep security in pastor John's wife about him? John revealed it by quoting his wife who said to him, "I'm sure about you, John, because I'm sure about your passion for God. I see you get up every morning and pray to God and commune with Him."

Passion for God. Basis for feeling secure about the other. It does appear that this connection is not uncommon in people's experiences.

If you can be sure of your husband's or wife's passion for God, you can feel secure about his or her faithfulness. You're certain that your spouse will not be easily swayed by men or temptations of the flesh. If you can be sure of your children's passion for God, you as a parent will not become overly anxious about their honesty. Passion for God, feeling secure, trust. That's the order of development.

One feels safe, therefore, when you know that the one you relate to worships and celebrates God. You feel more solid and thus secure about the other because of evidenced steadfastness in the Lord. Passion for God is the starting point.

I came out of that McDonalds meeting stirred and encouraged. There is a supernatural insight. And it's wonderful.


Anonymous said…
An important secret to security in marriage and family life. Thanks a lot for this.