I Wonder ....

I wonder ....
Why you left what's beautiful and true?
I've wondered why you throw away our memories.
Those years are so precious.
Yes such only makes me cry.
I sit on a chair and think of you -- and how our lives could be.
I hurt but my love still remains.
I wish that you're here with me.
But I feel like a part of me is just drifting,
Yet the sun rises in the morning,
And I wonder ....


Anonymous said…
Bro, normal what feeling but you have to keep your hope up, "everything works for the good of those who love God"
Anonymous said…
only the heart can understand what our naked eyes cant see, and can fathom the very depth love within beyond our own comprehension.
The sweet memories kept and treasured inside,will remain forever, even time, place and weather changes, still YOU!
Anonymous said…
YOur love is admirable, the Lord bless you, bro