The Kind Worth Loving With All Your Heart

I have always seen this pattern in Scripture. God allows or takes something away, only to replace it with something much more precious ..... I read the story of a father who gave his son a watch. The son loved the watch. But days later, the father asked for it back. He refused. At the dinner table, night after night, he would pout, resist, cry, not wanting to return the watch to his father. One night, because his father insisted, he decided to let go. He reluctantly handed him back the watch. To his dismay, his father tossed it into the fire! Then he reached into his pockets and produced a more beautiful and expensive golden watch. The father had it all along for his son but wanted the son to give up what was good so he may give him the best ..... Like the father in the story, I trust that my heavenly Father will be gracious to give me the more precious one. The kind worth giving up everything else for. The kind that is pure and deserving. The kind that belongs to and pleases God. The kind worth waiting for. The kind worth loving with all my heart and soul.