"Lord, I Believe You For Greater Things"

"Lord, You said to Abraham, father of all nations, "I'm going to bless you so that you can be a blessing.' I pray for the same thing. I ask that You bless me and our family with greatness, so we can turn around and be a blessing to other people. I've endured so much trouble, Lord, and unspeakable evil was done to us. But no matter, I believe You still have a great plan for my life. You want, Lord, the latter part of my life better than the first part of my life. Nothing is too hard for You. I claim what You said in Your Word, 'Be confident of this: He that began a good work in you will continue to perform it until it's perfectly complete." I believe that, Lord. With You working on our behalf, You will take us to places that other people said are impossible to experience this side of heaven. Thank you, Lord, for planting a new seed of victory inside me today. In Christ's name, I pray, amen."