Ros Ruiz

Here's a story of a real-life person called Ros Ruiz. Back in 1980, she was first woman to cross finish line of the Boston Marathon. But race officials became suspicious about her victory. So they began to investigate. They found that Ros cheated and obtained a fraudulent qualifying finish in the New York marathon prior to the Boston event. The Boston athletic disqualified her and awarded first place medal to Gareau, another runner. What's most amazing is that even years later, Ruzi did not learn from her mistake. Two years after her appearance in the Boston Marathon, Ruiz was arrested and charged with stealing cash and checks from her employer. A year later she was convicted for trying to sell two killos of cocaine to an undercover police officer. When asked why she'd do those illegal things, she'd deny. As Josiah Stamp said, "It is easy to dodge our responsibilities, but we cannot dodge the consequences of our responsibilities." Right now, we don't know what Ros is doing. Back then, she was doing a lot of moving, but she wasn't getting anywhere. We pray and hope that she learns to accept responsibility for her actions. The fight to take responsibility and change occurs within.