When I Was Young

When I was young, I never experienced closeness or memorable times with my father. So I promised myself that, when I become a Daddy myself, I will take care of my children in a more caring way. And that's exactly what I do now whatever it takes. My friend Darren texted me the other day and told me that he remembered me and my 4-year-old Angel when he recently watched Will Smith's movie, ""The Pursuit of Happyness." "Parang ikaw yun ha!" (that's like you!), referring to the loving single Dad in the movie. God has taken a past scar and turn it into a present star for me and my own kids! God has given me three beautiful children - Christine (13), Paul (9), and Angel (4). Right now, they can't be on their own yet. But someday they'll be. And I press on toward building good memories with them of a Dad who truly loves them and will not exchange them for anything in this world.