Dad's Letters to Christine, Paul, and Angel (2)

My Dear Christine, Paul, and Angel,

Soon, I hope to buy and present you with three bonsai trees. One for each of you. Maybe years from now in some far-off place you'll be able to look at a bonsai tree and remember Dad.

These days, I've been thinking of the stuff I'll leave behind with you. I realize I can preach to you with words. But, whether I like it or not, the lessons in life you'll truly learn will come from the life Daddy lives.

Daddy is so much different today from before the severe trial that happened to us. In a real way, my children, God allowed the tragedy so I could die to myself. In this, I came to the end of Angelo Subida. As a result, Daddy became stronger in Him for you. There is forgiveness, there is love, there is no compromise of God's Word.

I pray that the bonsai will speak of character to you, my children. Of faithfulness. Of perseverance. Of true love. Of real friendship. Of truth. Of obedience to God. Of strength in Christ.

I wish the bonsai to be a small reminder for you of what really matters in life. I hope it will remind you that, although Dad had his share of weaknesses and mistakes, he still grew faithful, strong, and obedient to God.

Under the loving hand of the Master, I pray you'd also grow strong and faithful in Christ till the end of your lives. Remember the reminder of the bonsai.