Confessions of a Pastor

How well do you understand your pastor? Craig Groeschel, one of my favorite living pastors. Founder and pastor of LifeChurch.TV. Wrote a deeply personal book. Perfect title: "Confessions of a Pastor: Adventures in Dropping the Pose and Getting Real With God." Honest confessed failings and inadequacies of a pastor. Lust. Sexual impurity. Marriage and parenting failure. No denial. Transparency. Honesty. In other words, pastors are just like you and me. Occasionally victorious—more often than not, falling short. A book reviewer commented: "Groeschel should be commended for being at the forefront of tearing down the stereotypes and unrealistic expectations we place upon our pastors. With his Confessions let's pray that other pastors, and all believers for that matter, will follow his lead and be fearless in admitting their faults and weaknesses. Our churches can only be better as we all learn to 'drop the pose and get real with God.' " Pastor Craig waethered the storms. He found victory and strength in God despite his weaknesses when He obeyed Him.

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