Dad’s Letters to Christine, Paul, and Angel (4)

My Dear Children,

I hope you’d always remember what Dad has been teaching you on “consequence.” It’s a life lesson that is very biblical.

You know Michelangelo? He is one of history’s great painters and sculptors. Once he was criticized for wasting so much marble when he sculpted the “David” statue. Michelangelo responded, “As the chips fall away, the image emerges.”

Same thing with what Dad desires for you, my Christine, Paul, and Angel. Dad tries to help you have the image of God emerge out of your growing up and character through the discipline of “consequence.” So, times before when you broke rules like “do not steal” or “tell the truth,” I’ve to allow you to suffer the appropriate negative consequences such as spanking, house work, or withholding of certain privileges.

Remember that Dad’s goal is to lovingly help you develop self-discipline and self-control. I want you to grow up responsible that I don’t have to do any more. As you grow older, your God-led control over your life should increase while Dad’s decreases.

I want you to fly someday!

Love always,