Dr. Dobson's Tragic "New Woman"

Dr. James Dobson, in his bestselling book, "Love Must Be Tough," wrote about the phenomenon of the "new woman," a product of the radical feminism of our times. Dr. Dobson mentions its positive side. But he also explains its downside that could predispose or push some women to immorality and adultery.

Here are some excerpts from the book of Dr. Dobson to help us understand better what he means by the "new woman:"

"... There have been casualties, too, especially when the philosophy of radical feminism is adopted uncritically by former traditionalists. I'm referring to the role reversal and change in lifestyle that often occurs when a loving wife and mother suddenly becomes a 'new woman.' ... One day she is raising a family, maintaining a home, doing her best to live on a budget, undergirding her husband in his career, helping out at the church or at the PTA or the hospital, and trying to serve God to the best of her ability. Then overnight, or so it would seem, she makes a ninety-degree turn and becomes somebody else."

"The saddest chapter in the life of the new woman occurs when she runs -- runs from her children -- runs to establish a new identity -- runs to the arms of another man. I remember one young woman whom I had watched with interest during her childhood and adolescence ...as a college coed, as a bride, and then as a mother. But the babies came too fast for her. She couldn't handle the stresses ... But I underestimated her frustration until the day she disappeared. She left behind three beautiful kids and a bewildered, wounded husband. Her behavior changed, her faith evaporated, her morals crumbled ... And five people in that little family will never be the same."

A tragic "new woman."