Samuel, Saul, and David


God makes fresh plans for our lives! I’d like to say that life is smooth. But God does not promise that. Times when we face disappointments and crises. It’s part of our human condition where we’re given free will to choose whether to do right or wrong.

Take prophet Samuel. He suffered a horrible disappointment in his relationship with Saul. Saul started out as a humble and shy young man. Then, among the crowds, God directed Samuel to declare and anoint Saul as first king of Israel. Unfortunately, SAUL, God’s first anointed king of Israel refused to live in obedience to God. Samuel gave much of himself and did his best to help Saul be an obedient and pleasing king unto God. But Saul still chose to live outside of God’s will. (1 Samuel 16: 1-12) As a result, God had to reject and replace Saul as king.

I can imagine the pain this had brought Samuel. Heartbroken, devastated, wounded. The first one he anointed blew it! So while Samuel was feeling the pain, God asked him, “Samuel, how long are you going to mourn over Saul?” (1 Samuel 16:1). Then God went on to tell Samuel, “Fill your horn with oil and be on your way. I’m sending you to the house of Jesse, for I have chosen one of his sons to be the new king.” Samuel obeyed God. He quitted mourning and got going to the fresh new beginnings God had in store.

If Samuel had not trusted God at that point, he could have missed DAVID, one of the Bible’s greatest kings. Put a smile on your face! Perhaps, God is asking you to apply this lesson to your self. God has another plan for your life even after being disappointed by people and events in the past.

Fill your horn with oil, get up, and get going! Expect God’s new blessings and beginnings.