What Would You Like To Be Remembered For?

I remember as a young boy looking up at my grandmother, Lola Angie. She’d pray every angelus hour with all of us her grandchildren in her old house in Makati poblacion. She’s so religious who went to a nearby church almost each day. She thought she’s able to talk to Somebody up there.

Like other mothers, my Lola Angie made and admitted mistakes. I could sense it in the family dynamics. With my Dad. And his brothers and sisters. But grandmother, before she died of old age, had changed for the better. She started a thread and link in the family for a spiritual life. She worshipped Somebody beyond herself. And I, her grandson (“apo”), remember her for that.

Let’s face it, you and I won’t live forever on this earth. We’re all passing by. So allow me to pose this question, “Knowing that life is short, what would you like to be remembered for?”

When I came to know Christ many years ago, He called me to be faithful. I’d like to be remembered as God’s servant who made mistakes but was willing to change and obey God right to the end. No matter what the cost. I wish to be remembered as one with a passion to win and heal souls for Christ.

I would like my family to remember me as someone who truly loved them. One who tried to point them more to Christ than to me. That in spite of my past wanderings and shortcomings, my aim was to glorify and please Him. That given an ultimate choice between God and money, I won’t compromise. I choose honor and inheritance that can never perish, spoil, or fade.

This is cathartic to see. There is still time remaining to make things better and more memorable. Also, for eternity.