Which type are you? S-People, 75% … N-People, 25%.

I’ve come to understand myself and other people better upon reading and learning this from creative writer Kathryn Lindskoog.

According to her, we can imagine people belonging to 2 great “nationalities” that prefer to see the world differently.

S-PEOPLE. 75% of people are S-people (“sensible citizens of solid surface”). Lindskoog describes them with following: practical, down-to-earth, matter-of-fact, realistic, majoring in common sense, steady, don’t mind repetition, like SOP, their tastes and interests are majority tastes and interests, their critics call them superficial and simple-minded.

Among S-people, you’ll find sellers, managers, accountants, servers, negotiators, entertainers, stuntmen, and dancers.

N-PEOPLE. 25% of people are N-people (“navigators to new worlds”). Descriptions given to them by Lindskoog are: imaginative, they love ideas, never-quite-satisfied, feel a need to grow, they make use of ‘sixth sense’, live in realm of possibility and ingenuity, they get inspirations, they sense mysteries, they like dreams, symbols, fiction, and fantasy, they read between the lines of life, look beneath the surface of things, they get bored with repetition, some lose track of time, hunger to see meaning, critics call them nutty

Among N-people, you’ll find leaders, entrepreneurs, pastors, executives, professors, performers/artists, poets, and priests.

Is this helpful? Would you come to know which type are you?


Aaron Aberg said…
Hi I was doing a search on N people versus S people. I read your blog description and I am glad to know that you love God too.

I am an N person and I come to find that I always very misunderstood my most of the population. Definitely in the Church as well. Because I see S-People as sort of tyrants with a "my way or the highway" attitude, I believe it gets in the way of me experiencing a relationship with God. It's funny that you mention Pastors are usually N-people, however I come to find that most of the Pastors I know are S and I don't really like this. I find it hard to find someone to mentor me in way that I really need. I am always disappointed by "S mentors" and their response is that I set too high of a standard. I don't believe this is true because I know plenty of N-people who understand exactly what I need. However, most of them are people that struggling in their own faith and I usually mentoring them.

I know this is a rant.. sorry. I wanted to let you know that I read this article and I appreciate that someone knows their is a difference out there. I think a mjor problem lies in the fact that N-people are the minority and so they have so much to offer but it always gets brushed under the rug by the majority... the "superficial and simple-minded."
Thanks for your honest and frank feedback. I hope to hear more from you! Love in Christ, Angelo