Basketball Outreach

I can still shoot my 3-pointers! During a basketball game, I was sitting and talking next to a Filipino OFW in Seoul who confided to me and sought prayers and counsel. He said, "I've not been going home to the Philippines for 2 years now. My wife is fooling around with her co-OFW in another country and my in-laws are hiding our daughter from me for 5 years now. I've forgiven her and my in-laws. My faith and church keeps me going." He explained that his wife panicked and turned to adultery when their money ran out, which he said he himself would not do for fear of God. How and where would this "kababayan" be without this basketball outreach and support of brethren from a planted Filipino church in foreign soil? I'm blessed by my new Filipino Christian friends in Hyewa and Ansan. Their basketball outreach has been winning and discipling souls among mostly Filipino engineers and factory workers working in that part of the country. Their presence is an indication of the need for such ministry among overseas Filipino workers and the effectiveness of basketball as a vehicle for evangelism, fellowship, and nurture. The Filipino migrant congregation here has indeed become " a harbour for those who are drifting away, and a refuge for those who are hurting and are in need."