Like A Father At Torch

The other day, the Lord made a perfect arrangement for me to meet Dr. Terry Casino, a lone Filipino theology/missiology professor at Torch Trinity Graduate School of Theology in Yangjae. I thought he'd have "airs" for he holds 2 doctorates, travels in different countries each year, writes books, and occupies a very high office in one of the most prestigious seminaries in Korea. What I saw was a humble, accomodating man who delights in loving and serving pastors, missionaries, and students!

Dr. Casino treated me and my companion, ptr Allan, with great honor. He brought us around the huge campus, introduced us to its international students, and served us with a sumptuous buffet lunch in a 5-star American restaurant nearby. God allowed me to experience that day what it is like to have a generous, kind Father in heaven!

During our hours of conversation over lunch and coffee, I learned a lot of insights from him on a number of topics: the state of Filipino pastors and churches in Korea and different Asian nations, ethics in doing ministry, theological education, cross-cultural church planting, writing, Filipino and global diaspora, among others. It's a catalytic meeting, during which I was introduced to FIN (Filipino International Network) that reaches the world for Christ through the mobilization of Filipino Christians in "diaspora."

I look forward to working more with Dr. Casino in the future. He's indeed one of a kind in God's Kingdom-building. And I'm happy to know such a humble, gifted servant of Christ.