Discovering the Generational Link (Part 1)

" ...visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me, and showing mercy to thousands of them that love Me and keep My commandments" (Deuteronomy 5: 9, 10)

Lately, I’m getting a deeper biblical understanding that the generations are linked. Scripture speaks of blessings or curses being passed on from generation to generation.

What I do with my life today sows seeds for my children in their future life and the next generations. Everything counts – my actions, attitudes, thoughts, plans. So, every time I stand firm, every time I remain faithful, every time I serve people or in His church, I’m storing up good seeds that can make a difference in the future of my children and my children’s children.

The questions now are: “What if what is passed on to me through the blood is a negative seed of family dysfunction or a generational curse? Am I perpetually doomed then? Or, can I break free?”

The story of John will answer the questions. His grandparents both on his father and mother sides had history of marital infidelity and broken families. His own parents were divorced and living apart. The parents and grandparents of John’s wife also had a similar pattern of adultery and broken families.

When John became a Christian, he studied the Bible, served in the church, and eventually became a pastor. What church members did not know is that he had a serious problem of womanizing and being unfaithful to his wife. He was never caught by his wife or church, but he did have a couple of secret flings in the past while pastoring.

Finally, pastor John have had enough of his hiding. He confessed and repented of his sins to his wife and stood against the forces of darkness. He went for help. And he became accountable to a godly man. God set him free completely as he did his part to overcome the negative generational patterns in his life. Today, he’s a deeply faithful and devoted husband and pastor.

Thank God, you and I can do something about generational curses. My favorite pastor, Joel Osteen, calls it “generational choice.” We can choose God to change our family tree for good!