Father's New Seed

This is one of those periods of my beginning as a Dad. I sit on my back on my chair at my computer screen. The kids are sleeping while I pray for and think about them. There’s typhoon, according to the weather bureau. But so far we only had soft, sweet, misty drops these past few hours. Where are the rains, I wonder. They’re not falling out of the sky on my head. Last night, we celebrated my Angel’s fifth birth day. She blew her birthday cake’s candle, ate a lot, and played around mostly with little boys. My other two kids, Christine and Paul, they’re equally hyper like Angel! They also bring me out of boredom, out into the “world.” I’m glad we found a loving family with us, not just friends. Ed, Janet, Kay, Edward, Leon, Daddy, Mommy, Netz, Nep, Cris, Abby, TJ, and others. God’s gifts, unexpected. Genesis 4:25 reminds me, “God has appointed another seed unto us.” I’m not going to mourn forever. Because I know God has another seed. For everything that was lost … everything that’s been stolen by the enemy …. everything that’s been taken away, I know one thing. My Father in heaven has another plan. A new seed. I think of Thoreau’s wisdom when he said, “How can you sit down to write until you have stood up to live?” 2007. This is the best year I ever had so far for living deeply. Especially with God’s new beginnings. New seeds will always be a continual excitement. The rains will come again of course. Soon, the children will be grown. And I’ll be young once more.


Anonymous said…
oh. i am glad that i find a pastor blogging. yup. i believe God has a perfect plan for your family. He is a God who will not forsake you.. Keep on inspiring others through your blog.