Children, Character, and Chores

It’s Saturday. Before he went out to play, my 11-year-old Paul woke me up. He’s taking charge of washing the clothes in the washing machine! I was delighted. He chose a chore for real grown ups.

Each day after school, my 14-year-old Christine has developed the habit of washing the dishes and cooking the evening meals. Although she may not still be up to standards, she’s growing and improving through the process. She needs to for her future.

Yesterday, I had fun seeing my 5-year-old Angel pick up her toys and books and set them together. I asked her to arrange her things on the table. Even a little kid can be taught orderliness and cleanliness!

I wonder about us if we have a full time housemaid who will do everything.

Of course, the kids would naturally love to have somebody do things for them all the time. If they can escape house chores, they will! “Let’s have a house helper!” they’d shout in unison. And mainly, the idea is so that they can all play and take it easy.

If you are a parent, like me, have you discovered that chores, children, and character go together?

Author Paul Lewis says that house chores bring several educational benefits to young children. He writes, “… assigning chores is a most productive way of teaching responsibility and accountability to children … The result is the development of valuable qualities such as diligence and perseverance, as well as a sense of satisfaction in the child.”

Character through chores. A secret child developmental tool in a world of leisure and labor-saving devices!