50% of Regular Church-Goers Are Not Born Again!

This fact is startling. The numbers are huge. The problem is urgent.

Half of people who attend U.S. churches do not have a saving faith in Jesus Christ.
I read this recently from noted U.S. researcher George Barna (www.barna.org). Barna says the problem is further fueled by “spiritual anarchy” and “biblical illiteracy” within our churches.

“Church-going nonbelievers.” They should not be confused with “seekers.” “Church-going non-believers" are people who are regulars in the congregation. They attend often, even faithfully. Maybe they’ve grown up in the church. Many are serving in the leadership. They’ve heard the Gospel – again and again.

It’s difficult to imagine that people we know and love might not be born again. We want to think the best about our church and the people in it.

That’s why I find the research of Barna so startling. It is not consistent with how we ordinarily perceive the spiritual health of our church. And while some churches are healthier than others, the research clearly demonstrates the need for bold steps to reach to people right in our own pews!