Beyond Fischer's Influence

In 1972, American Robert Fischer challenged Russian Boris Spassky for the world chess championship crown in Reykjavic, Iceland. That was the time when I first learned to play chess. Captivated by the brilliance and "look" of Fischer, I began seriously studying the game and competing in tournaments. The Fischer influence had such an impact on me that I intentionally tried to play and behave like him! Such was the power of his influence during my boyhood years.

Several years later, there was a far more significant influence that came to my life. I became a follower of Jesus Christ. Since then, I've the desire to know and live for Christ. At the same time, I've also dedicated the biggest part of my life serving Him and taking His influence to others. Christ is the Light of the world who calls me (and you) to be influencer for Him in a dark, needy world.

Such is the lesson of the "power of influence" in our lives. In your case, is Christ your biggest influence? Are you a light of His influence as well in the world where we live in?