I Shouldn't Be Surprised at God's Faithfulness

I shouldn't be surprised at God's faithfulness.

Each day, I quietly wonder whenever I wake up. Maybe there would be an email for me ... with some encouragement in it. Does anyone know or understand the work I'm doing among poor, native missionaries of varied nations? Are there people who care about us, how we're doing?

Yes, God is there all along. While some left, some people found us. They understood us. They rallied behind us. You see, I live on the edge -- trusting God for everything as I obey His directions in serving Him.

The last two days, I was at the Celebrate Recovery summit conducted by Bob Woods, Dr. Rick Warren's international director for Celebrate Recovery. God again provided new friendships for us in the Body of Christ ...and a new adventure. It was an awesome time of worship, teaching, and fellowship.

People asked how it was possible for Celebrate Recovery to reach so many thousands of people around the world so much so fast. Over at Saddleback, Celebrate Recovery has become the church's #1 outreach mission strategy that brings in much fruit for God. Well, Rick Warren or Saddleback didn't establish Celebrate Recovery -- Jesus did. That explains everything.

With Celebrate Recovery, God is showing me another "little miracle" of His faithfulness at this point of my journey. I shouldn't be surprised. It's His call, His timing. Unless I know and trust God and His power, it's impossible to understand why or how it happened.