Stand the Mountains

You and I could probably list many mountains we are now facing. Relational. Financial. Emotional. Career or Job directions. Familial. Spiritual. The list may go on and on. The greatest danger is when any of these mountains begin to block our growth permanently. When they begin to immobilize us toward our journey for health, wholeness, and healing. The truth is, all mountains are conquered slowly. There's no quick climb. That's why my prayer to God has been "Lord, I face a mountain, do not let me quit! Give me the strength and wisdom I need to keep on climbing over and find a pass through. And if my best efforts still won't work, give me the patience to stay to turn the mountains into a gold mine with your blessings." St. Paul asks, "If God is for us, who can be against us?" It's a question you and I should ask ourselves when faced with mountains in our lives. All mountains in our pathway are conquerable with His power.