Death Destroys A Man, But Thoughts of Death May Save Him

If I'm not mistaken, it's a quote from Charles Spurgeon: "Death destroys a man, but thoughts of death may save him." Truly, you and I have a brief opportunity of life. As a Christian, I think about eternal things a lot. I evaluate the life patterns I have, the mistakes that I need to correct, the fruit from my actions. I need to discern God's hand all the time upon where He is leading me to make the best investment of my earthly life before it ends. Everything is temporary. My possessions. My work or ministry. Even my wife and kids. Well, thinking of my kids these days ... they are with us for a season and I'm doing my best to plant the seeds of God's Word inside them. My hope is that, someday, these seeds will take root and bring godly character and stability into their lives. But I do this realizing they have lives and choices of their own. They too will leave us someday... for that's the way it is. In the end, my own life before death comes is my own project and stewardship. Pray for me that I'd make the most of it until the Lord takes me home.