Why I Am Standing

As long as I am in this life, and God is with me, I'll remain standing. Yes, I'll remain a stander, pleading to God each day to continue to protect me, my wife, and our three children.... Anyone in Christian mission will tell you that as visibility and impact increase, so do the attacks from the enemy and his evil forces. Over the years up to the present, God has been using me to reach thousands from different nations through my seminary teaching and cybermission global ministries. Yes, Satan hates that! For me, the enemy's attacks are not in the form of lust of the eye or flesh. He attacks me through material means, personal and family. The attacks that hurt me the most are the attacks against my precious wife and children... Certain lessons I learn out of this journey: 1. God is healing me while standing, so I'm not wasting time. 2. I confess and repent of my past mistakes/sins. 3. I depend on God to make changes, not man. 4. I speak in love and grace. 5. I pray. 6. I realize God is working behind the scenes. 7. I give the situation and my circumstances to God. He's in control. 8. God plus me is a majority. 9. I must pray for my enemy, my offenders. 10. God rewards my faithfulness.