How's Your Love Tank?

I came across an interesting statement from Frank Laubach. He said, "It is easier to love God than people." It's practically true. The Lord Jesus is the most lovable Being in the whole universe. No question that we can love Him. But people? They're often hard to love. They're in fact contemptible a lot of times! Irritating. Bad mannered. Bad tempered. This is one big reason why God has to school us to love people according to His ways. We need to love people because they need love and not because because they are attractive. The people who need Christ's love the most through us are those whom others do not love at all. It starts with our relationship with God. If we're plugged into His "love tank," we'd always be overflowing to fill the empty tanks of those who need unconditional love. People need unconditional love in a conditional world. "...hope does not disappoint us, for God has poured out His love into our hearts through His Holy Spirit" (Romans 5:5). How's your love tank? Is it connected to God's love tank? Are you full or running empty?


Anonymous said…
I'm running close to empty right now!
Anonymous said…
hey there angelo! i am a frequent blog-hopper and stumbled on what seems to be a popular Filipino travel blog but with atheistic posts... coconuter ang tawag sa kanya ( )... basahin mo yung "The Catholic Ordination of the Filipino" and "The Philippine Insurrection and the American War Prayer." What do you think about his thoughts?