One of My Writing Mentors Launched New Book

From the first day I became a Christian many years ago, Dr. Harold Sala has been one of my Christian writing mentors and models. His books and devotionals have always been a source of guidance and inspiration to me to live a life of dedication to Christ. So if you find me writing or speaking with some of his quotations, illustrations, and insights from his books, just smile. I read his books a lot of times. Dr. Sala loves the Philippines and maintains a ministry base here since the 1970s. During a church worship service today, he preached on the theme "One Life To Live" and introduced his latest 2009 book entitled "Finding Refuge and Strength." Incidentally, I also recommended this latest book of Dr. Sala in the "Bibliotherapy" section of my own book -"God's Inner Healing: A Guide in Life Recovery, Healing, and Mission." Catch his latest book!